Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pinterest Project Fun

Pinterest Project number two, done...well, three if you're counting the pumpkin project. This pinterest inspired project idea spun from the picture below - of a peg board turned jewelry holder. After I finished my knife project, I realized I had a bunch of left over paint that I wanted to use for this peg board project that I felt was eerily similar to the original picture...

The original tutorial instructed that Lowes was the place to go! So I drove 15 minutes out of the way and made the trip. I found my peg board ($5) and was on a hunt for some S-hooks to hang my jewelry. This was not the easy task I originally thought. One hour later and two Lowe's associates down, I had purchased a pack of only 6 S-hooks ($1.40) that the nice man had to physically bend to be able to fit. I'm all about gettin' gangsta with it, but for $1.40 per 6? No thanks.

I also picked up two baskets for my bangles and watches, and painted them as well.

*Disclaimer - the associate said all stores carry different items so your local Lowe's may have what you're looking for. 

Yesterday I ran to old faithful, Home Depot, and was able to find the S-hooks I needed in a pack of 100! I can't remember the price (or the exact size) but it was fairly cheap, and no bending necessary! In addition to the S-hook pickup, I also picked up a piece that I use to hang my scarves.

I give a big thanks to the hubs for doing the hanging for me, while I tended to picking up the house and doing laundry last night... you know, woman's work. When I was finished, it was a nice surprise to see the finished product hanging in my closet. Love.

In the famous words of Jay Z, on to the next one...