Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What I Want, Wednesday

Just to kick things off in the right direction, let me begin by telling you that I searched for a solid swollen face / swollen feet picture to kick off this post... with no avail. So let's use our imagination and say "I want a skinny face...and feet!" Wednesday.

In my 35th week of pregnancy, I have begun to blow UP! I no longer fit in shoes and my face/eyes look tired allll the time <--- doesn't this come AFTER you birth a screaming baby? 

Since I've begun to swell, you can imagine my lack of self confidence... which generally means that you need to go out and BUY it, correct? Either way, that is what I've been doing - drooling over pretty things online that might make me just that, pretty. Here are a few items I really want in my closet. 

Mia Nanette Boots - $59.99

I am dying for these shoes but in no way, shape or form could I squeeze my elephantiasis into them. Sad sad day. Found these online at DSW for over $100 - on sale at Dillards for the above price. 

Steven by Steve Madden Pembrook Booties - $99.99

Love these booties worn with shorts! And they're on sale also! Ugh. 

Maternal America Empire Turtleneck Top - $32.20

I am in need of WARM tops that cover the necessary "front" and "back" parts of me while wearing the only things I can get into these days - leggings. This sweater looks like it would do just that. And yes - On Sale as well!

Japanese Weekend Maternity Asymmetrical Top - $20.30

This girl just looks happy to be looking so hawt in her cute little top while being preggers. I am left curious where she is getting her enthusiasm, but I would assume it was this top she is rockin' that put her in such good spirits. I should probably check it out. I need a cute NYE top. And what's that? You are correct - On Sale.

Steve Madden Fringe Tote - $88.00

My girlfriend came in town to visit and had this exact tote, I believe. I LOVE it and am dying for some type of cross body fringe tote. Super cute. 

3/4 Sleeve Dolman Sleeve Sweater - $19.99

Long Sleeve Cascade Cardigan - $29.99

I have this cardigan in the purple color and LOVE it. So comfortable and covers the boo-tay in leggings. I'm sure this can be worn after pregnancy too so this must be purchased in every color. ;)

And this just looked cute. :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Party Party Party Let's All Get...

...If only I could finish that sentence. Soon enough my little liver... soon enough.

Tonight the hubster and I are having people over for a little Christmas Party / Birthday Party (for both Jesus and myself). *side note: try sharing the spotlight with Hey-Zeus... he's pretty popular*

Jamie and I have been trying to get everything ready, not only for da baybee but for this party. It's been fun seeing the house come together, slowly but surely. We can see it starting to form into a "home" and this excites me for the future. Obvi I would kill for it to be COMPLETE but what can ya do...

Yesterday afternoon, Jamie came and got an old bookshelf that I had brought into my office a couple years back and put it in Max's room to house his books and future toys. When I got home from work, Jamie excitably said "COME SEE!" I walked in to find that Bailey, our cat, had jumped in our bookshelf and left us a little present. She had thrown up somewhere in between Jamie putting it up and me getting home... Jamie had no idea. I giggled as I watched Jamie clean it up, in which case I told him this was good practice of what was to come....then had him help me get my shoes and pants off. Ya know, for "practice."

Ok, back to tonight - Some of my girlfriends are bringing small dishes for all of us to snack on and I plan on making some items as well.

First, I made good ole fashion Peanut Butter Balls. Mmmm....

I have found that I probably should have made a second batch, as we keep eating them ourselves.

This afternoon, I plan to whip up some Red Velvet Cupcakes and turn them into a version of this North Pole masterpiece...

And what's a party without Sausage Balls? I found this recipe for Cream Cheese Sausage Balls on Pinterest and am anxious to try it out!

And lastly, we will make these Ham & Cheese Sliders as well. My hubbie's mother makes these often and they are fairly simple and delicious! They also keep very well as you can freeze them and throw them in the oven to reheat.

I am SO excited to have everyone over and am looking forward to the fellowship. If my face (and body) weren't so swollen, I'd be super stoked to share pictures... but we will just play that one by ear.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas Partying!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Nursery Update: Take 2

This week marks my Birthday/Christmas party, my office party AND Christmas! Phew, I need to take the week off to prepare! 

I told the hubster that we should use this time to kick our butts in to gear and get things done around the house - with a goal of having things DONE before the party (at our house) on Thursday. I suppose I should use the word "done" sparingly, but at least we could knock out the Nursery, right? 

Saturday a friend of ours came over to help hang the chandelier. HURRAY! This was something I was a bit worried about and was glad to have a handy man help my husband... I did not feel like raising this child alone. 

Let there be light! 

A crafty and creative girlfriend of mine came over last week to assess the Nursery and help me determine the best layout. We toyed around with a couple different layouts and she really liked moving the door behind the crib to hold his letters. When we moved it, I wasn't "feeling" it and thought it might be because of the ribbon color, so I ran to Michaels last night and bought some new ribbon and it helped convince me of the move. :) 

The handy-hubbie hung the peg board over the dresser/changing table and hung the family picture on the opposing wall, while I re-painted the metallic lamp...

The ladder is serving as our glider "stand-in." Isn't it lovely? 

And the (almost) finished product... 

I believe it is becoming more and more real lately, as I found myself crying my eyes out to Harry Potter last night...Harry Potter? I haven't really been emotional this whole ride and expect to begin freaking out very very soon. 


LOOK at what my "crafty" friend from above just brought me!! 

How cool is that?! I found some funny sayings a while back and she took one and turned it into this masterpiece. Stay tuned for her etsy link in the near future. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nursery Update

It's hard to keep my family abroad up to date on all we are doing with our new home, our nursery and my ever growing belly. I figured this would be a nice way for them to stay included and something fun for me to look back on after Baby Max arrives. 

Step 1: Received a gift from the most wonderful Mother In Law in all the land.
Pottery Barn Crib - assembled by the two feet you see in this picture. Thanks Dear!
*distraction provided by fur baby under the crib*

Step 2: Hit up your local flea market for inspirational items. 

I couldn't go a day without someone asking what my "theme" was for the nursery... what colors were we going to use... where will we get our bedding? 

I honestly had NO vision of what I wanted in a nursery. All I knew was that I didn't want "baby blue" and LOVED everything from Restoration Hardware - minus the cost - and anything Vintage-ey.

One Saturday morning, the hubster and I set out to Trinity, AL to visit Gillespie's Flea Market which is about 30 mins away from us. Not too shabby! Here we found the COOLEST stuff! 

My purchases are below -
  • An old door in the coolest shade of blue with the glass replaced by Tin - which I think looks somewhat leopard print, which I just think is just doubley cool. 
  •  Two vintage windows
  • *not pictured* An old Coca Cola box thingy dated 1972, which is now used in our kitchen. 
We walked away spending less than $100 and gaining a new found love for Flea Markets. 

Step 3: A Dresser! 
My mom really wanted to get Baby Max something for his nursery, and since my sweet mother-in-law already bought us a crib, she opted to drop a nice hunk of change on a dresser! 

We decided to get a dresser for both storage and changing table purposes. 

I LOVE the french handles and distressed edges. 

Step 4: Organize furniture

Let's just say, this step is still pending, but we're playing around with this idea...

Now that we have all the "big ticket" items, the "nesting" / Pinterest-ing kicks in. 

First, I found a picture of a peg board used in a little boys room, which I thought was precious. I mean, what "man" doesn't need a peg board in his room, right? And look at the storage baskets! Practical!

After a trip to Home Depot and a full can of brown spray paint, I have myself a peg board. 

I then realized Max needed his name in his room... because infants know how to spell. 

After a trip to Hobby Lobby, some Krylon Antique Bronze and Gold Leaf spray paint, some ribbon and hot glue - Max can now rest assured that he is, in fact, in his very own room. 

While the letters above were drying, I tried my hand at another Pinterest Inspired project - Repurposing a Cheap Lamp. 

I had a cheap Dollar Tree Lamp that I had no place for in our new home. The base was black and the shade was burgundy. 

I spray painted the base white, ripped off the shade, sprayed the frame Antique Bronze (bc I had some left over) and then painted the base with Metallic Silver Acrylic Paint. 

Here it is, all thrown into one - 

Sorry for the poor quality of the iphone shots. Hopefully we will get something a bit better to document Baby Max's life.

We plan to hang the peg board and store diapers and wipes in storage baskets. 

A chair will go beside the door with a reading lamp and small side table. Hoping to get this chair for a discounted price! 

We will also install this chandelier. I LOVE chandeliers in nursery's. This one jumped out at me at Home Depot and I had to have it. Not too girly, but still on the "nursery" side with the beading. I'm dying for the 6-light version of this for our bedroom. 

Now, what to do with this side? 

I have other ideas for the opposing wall by the door, but this post has gone on long enough. I'll post more ideas as well as our bedding in another post to come. 

DIY His & Hers Towel Racks

Recently I *pinned* something to my *board* that I wanted to do in the hubster and I's bathroom.

 The motivation behind this small renovation was, not only is it cute, our towel rack would NOT stay up. I even had the contractor come out and put it back up for us... but alas, down she went. 

This predicament left us with throwing towels over the shower, over the door, wherever they would fit... which turned into stinky towels - you know what I'm talking about - which then turned into washing towels twice a week. 

Never fun.

So, off to Hobby Lobby I went after seeing their Sales for this specific week were to include custom frames, metal, iron hooks ect...

I found two wood, stand alone frames - 50% off - and "His" and "Hers" hooks - 50% off.

I realize this differs from the original picture, but isn't that what Pinterest is all about? To Peek your Interest and get those creative juices flowing? ---> btw, I just totally made that up, but I think Pinterest should just roll with that...

I loved how this turned out and the wood and hooks go GREAT with the knobs and fixtures we currently have in our bathroom.

I would also like to add that I DO see the silver screws and yes, they do drive me bonkers. Maybe I can take a little paint to them in the near future. 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Birthday Wish List

My mother called me last night asking what I might want for my bday. Honestly, I have been so busy with Pinterest crafting, Nursery decorating and house decisions that I really haven't given it much thought. 

In fact, my response to Mom when she asked what I wanted - I said I wanted a crafting desk for my office. In which she laughed at me. Sooo is that a No? :)

Over the weekend, my hubster and I found my scrapbooking box in my storage so I brought it home. It has LOTS of useful items that I could be using in my pinterest conquests that would keep me from doing projects with a 'gangster' lean. I have refused to buy any more products that I knew I had...somewhere. So there has been a lot of corners cut recently. 

In saying all that, a place to store all my junk and have it readily accessible would be amazing. Not to mention, I could finally clean up our kitchen table that currently houses several unfinished projects. 

But laugh away mom! ;) 

If an office table is out of the question, I have been trying to think of items that I may like. Not Baby Max, not our new unfinished house... but me. Here is what I have caught myself drooling over recently.

Fossil - Stella Stainless Steel Watch - Two Tone

Jamie and I ran across this little gem over the weekend while wasting time before a movie date. I've always wanted a MK Rose Gold Watch, a tortoise colored watch, then the Chocolate color... low and behold, they have combined powers. And I love it. 

Maybe it's Christmas Season, but I love the red zipper on the side. And for $80, not too shabby!

Kirklands Vintage Wine Holder Plaque - $49.99

I have a cute wine holder that I purchased from Pottery Barn a year or so back, but have realized that it is not good to store your wine sitting up, rather you want it turned cork side down - Granted, we never have wine sitting long enough to go "bad." This is such a cute kitchen accessory to store wine.

Spornette Teasing Brush - $4.49

Anyone who knows me, knows I have the flattest, thinnest hair in all the land. I'm hoping something like this could amp it up a bit! Ulta and Sallys sell this great little product for cheap!

UGG Australia Women's Bailey Button Triplet Boots - $200

These are a tad pricey, but I sure do LOVE my UGGS that I've had for a couple years now. They have somewhat turned into my slippers and I caught myself painting in them this weekend. Not good. They seem to be the only shoes that keep my feet comfy during these last preggo months so I would say they are worth the mullah.

Or perhaps I should just ask for UGG slippers?

Sephora's Bestsellers Collection - $75 ($181 Value)
I don't think there is anything in this collection that I wouldn't like! And what a great way to try some of the products you have been eyeballing for a while.

A closet makeover

I am dying to get organized and am even further on my death bed NEEDING a wall-o-shoes. My hubster and I have our own walk-in closets (thank you baby Jesus) and I have the perfect wall for all that are shoes. I would love an entire closet restructuring. You hear that Santa!?

Patterned Sweater Coat - $128

I am in love with anything that covers my bum and allows for me to wear leggings and boots. I love this patterned jacket - however short sleeved - from Express.

Faux Fur Zip Front Jacket/Vest - $138

H&M has a fun cheaper version of this!

Nikon 1
We have been wanting a new camera for the new arrival and fell in love with Ashton's commercial on this... only to find out it is NOT as affordable as Mr. Kutcher makes it seem. :) I love Nikon cameras and this little guy and his interchangeable lens' makes me happy. 

I'm tired of face makeup and a girl at Sephora hooked me up with a sample of this. I really liked it! I'm hoping after this pregnancy, my face will clear up a bit and I can solely wear this. *fingers crossed*

Ok so this is still for the house. But MY eyes would get to look at this everyday, so does it still count? 

Ghost Chair
I love these things! I would love to have one in my office at work, or for the home office. had some cheaper ones at one point, but I haven't looked in a while. 

Boot Socks
I'm always wearing boots and love the look of socks worn with boots. 

Gift Cards are always wanted and used. I love supporting our local Starbucks'. Mmm Mmm Good. 

Ok I am realizing this post could go on forever. I need to hang em up and call it a day!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Key Ring Holder

Where does the time go?!

Sorry I've been MIA lately. I've been busy preparing for baby, trying to close on a new house, getting ready for Christmas and catching up on reading my blogs and stalking pinterest.

...oh, and a day job and a marriage. Forgot about those. 

Speaking of Pinterest, I have been consumed with that dang site. I seriously need an intervention.

My last project, I created a wreath and you can see how I did that here

But today I want to talk about my latest project - A Personalized Key Ring Holder (inspiration here). 

I started with a trip to our friendly neighborhood Hobby Lobby. I am convinced I pay their light bill. 

I snagged a cheap wood frame $3.99, a small bottle of Krylon spray paint in Matte Black, scrap book paper .44 cents (+50% off - which I think is hilarious) and 2 packs of embellished flowers (from the scrapbooking section). 

I started by spraying my wood frame with black spray paint. 

Easy enough, right? 

Next, I took my scrapbook paper and cut it to size of the insert. 

Again, easy.

While the frame is still drying, I started to cut my letter that I would put on top of my paper. I had printed the letter at work that day, in a font of my choosing. 

I know there is an easier way to do this, but I accept the challenge...and am not clever enough to print on the scrapbook paper. Honestly, I had printed several different "G"'s and wasn't sure which one I wanted to use.
*tip - since I free handed this cut-job, I obviously missed a few snips. I colored in a couple white edges with a black permanent market. Sneaky Sneaky. Can ya tell? ;) 

Another stupid/lazy move on my part - since we have JUST moved into this new home, I have yet to find my scrapbooking box. Which means that I'm missing easy items such as roll on glue and what have you. 

In saying that, I cut out liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle snips of double sided tape and attached my letter to the scrapbook paper this way. I have a hot glue gun but things just would have gotten clumpy and messy. 

After my husband came in and made fun of my technique, I then started playing with different layout options with my flowers and plugged in my hot glue gun.

Minutes later, I am finished! 

Might I suggest that you spray your hardware along with the frame, if need be. We had some gold hooks laying around in our tool box that I didn't spray till later. Hence why they are not included just yet. Once this bad boy is complete, I'll post the finished project. 

In the mean time, run to Hobby Lobby and do this! So easy and cheap. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pinterest Project Fun

Pinterest Project number two, done...well, three if you're counting the pumpkin project. This pinterest inspired project idea spun from the picture below - of a peg board turned jewelry holder. After I finished my knife project, I realized I had a bunch of left over paint that I wanted to use for this peg board project that I felt was eerily similar to the original picture...

The original tutorial instructed that Lowes was the place to go! So I drove 15 minutes out of the way and made the trip. I found my peg board ($5) and was on a hunt for some S-hooks to hang my jewelry. This was not the easy task I originally thought. One hour later and two Lowe's associates down, I had purchased a pack of only 6 S-hooks ($1.40) that the nice man had to physically bend to be able to fit. I'm all about gettin' gangsta with it, but for $1.40 per 6? No thanks.

I also picked up two baskets for my bangles and watches, and painted them as well.

*Disclaimer - the associate said all stores carry different items so your local Lowe's may have what you're looking for. 

Yesterday I ran to old faithful, Home Depot, and was able to find the S-hooks I needed in a pack of 100! I can't remember the price (or the exact size) but it was fairly cheap, and no bending necessary! In addition to the S-hook pickup, I also picked up a piece that I use to hang my scarves.

I give a big thanks to the hubs for doing the hanging for me, while I tended to picking up the house and doing laundry last night... you know, woman's work. When I was finished, it was a nice surprise to see the finished product hanging in my closet. Love.

In the famous words of Jay Z, on to the next one...