Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What I Want, Wednesday

Just to kick things off in the right direction, let me begin by telling you that I searched for a solid swollen face / swollen feet picture to kick off this post... with no avail. So let's use our imagination and say "I want a skinny face...and feet!" Wednesday.

In my 35th week of pregnancy, I have begun to blow UP! I no longer fit in shoes and my face/eyes look tired allll the time <--- doesn't this come AFTER you birth a screaming baby? 

Since I've begun to swell, you can imagine my lack of self confidence... which generally means that you need to go out and BUY it, correct? Either way, that is what I've been doing - drooling over pretty things online that might make me just that, pretty. Here are a few items I really want in my closet. 

Mia Nanette Boots - $59.99

I am dying for these shoes but in no way, shape or form could I squeeze my elephantiasis into them. Sad sad day. Found these online at DSW for over $100 - on sale at Dillards for the above price. 

Steven by Steve Madden Pembrook Booties - $99.99

Love these booties worn with shorts! And they're on sale also! Ugh. 

Maternal America Empire Turtleneck Top - $32.20

I am in need of WARM tops that cover the necessary "front" and "back" parts of me while wearing the only things I can get into these days - leggings. This sweater looks like it would do just that. And yes - On Sale as well!

Japanese Weekend Maternity Asymmetrical Top - $20.30

This girl just looks happy to be looking so hawt in her cute little top while being preggers. I am left curious where she is getting her enthusiasm, but I would assume it was this top she is rockin' that put her in such good spirits. I should probably check it out. I need a cute NYE top. And what's that? You are correct - On Sale.

Steve Madden Fringe Tote - $88.00

My girlfriend came in town to visit and had this exact tote, I believe. I LOVE it and am dying for some type of cross body fringe tote. Super cute. 

3/4 Sleeve Dolman Sleeve Sweater - $19.99

Long Sleeve Cascade Cardigan - $29.99

I have this cardigan in the purple color and LOVE it. So comfortable and covers the boo-tay in leggings. I'm sure this can be worn after pregnancy too so this must be purchased in every color. ;)

And this just looked cute. :)


  1. I love the long sleeved cascade cardigan. I have one and they are amazing. You can wear them with anything.

  2. Don't let the pre-baby swell get you down! Believe us ALL when we say you are one HOT momma! And the best part is, it will all be worth it once Max gets here!
    OH and some good news about my Steve Madden fringe purse, I found it at Marshall's!! I will head out that way this weekend to see if I can't find another for you! Fingers crossed!