Monday, December 5, 2011

Birthday Wish List

My mother called me last night asking what I might want for my bday. Honestly, I have been so busy with Pinterest crafting, Nursery decorating and house decisions that I really haven't given it much thought. 

In fact, my response to Mom when she asked what I wanted - I said I wanted a crafting desk for my office. In which she laughed at me. Sooo is that a No? :)

Over the weekend, my hubster and I found my scrapbooking box in my storage so I brought it home. It has LOTS of useful items that I could be using in my pinterest conquests that would keep me from doing projects with a 'gangster' lean. I have refused to buy any more products that I knew I had...somewhere. So there has been a lot of corners cut recently. 

In saying all that, a place to store all my junk and have it readily accessible would be amazing. Not to mention, I could finally clean up our kitchen table that currently houses several unfinished projects. 

But laugh away mom! ;) 

If an office table is out of the question, I have been trying to think of items that I may like. Not Baby Max, not our new unfinished house... but me. Here is what I have caught myself drooling over recently.

Fossil - Stella Stainless Steel Watch - Two Tone

Jamie and I ran across this little gem over the weekend while wasting time before a movie date. I've always wanted a MK Rose Gold Watch, a tortoise colored watch, then the Chocolate color... low and behold, they have combined powers. And I love it. 

Maybe it's Christmas Season, but I love the red zipper on the side. And for $80, not too shabby!

Kirklands Vintage Wine Holder Plaque - $49.99

I have a cute wine holder that I purchased from Pottery Barn a year or so back, but have realized that it is not good to store your wine sitting up, rather you want it turned cork side down - Granted, we never have wine sitting long enough to go "bad." This is such a cute kitchen accessory to store wine.

Spornette Teasing Brush - $4.49

Anyone who knows me, knows I have the flattest, thinnest hair in all the land. I'm hoping something like this could amp it up a bit! Ulta and Sallys sell this great little product for cheap!

UGG Australia Women's Bailey Button Triplet Boots - $200

These are a tad pricey, but I sure do LOVE my UGGS that I've had for a couple years now. They have somewhat turned into my slippers and I caught myself painting in them this weekend. Not good. They seem to be the only shoes that keep my feet comfy during these last preggo months so I would say they are worth the mullah.

Or perhaps I should just ask for UGG slippers?

Sephora's Bestsellers Collection - $75 ($181 Value)
I don't think there is anything in this collection that I wouldn't like! And what a great way to try some of the products you have been eyeballing for a while.

A closet makeover

I am dying to get organized and am even further on my death bed NEEDING a wall-o-shoes. My hubster and I have our own walk-in closets (thank you baby Jesus) and I have the perfect wall for all that are shoes. I would love an entire closet restructuring. You hear that Santa!?

Patterned Sweater Coat - $128

I am in love with anything that covers my bum and allows for me to wear leggings and boots. I love this patterned jacket - however short sleeved - from Express.

Faux Fur Zip Front Jacket/Vest - $138

H&M has a fun cheaper version of this!

Nikon 1
We have been wanting a new camera for the new arrival and fell in love with Ashton's commercial on this... only to find out it is NOT as affordable as Mr. Kutcher makes it seem. :) I love Nikon cameras and this little guy and his interchangeable lens' makes me happy. 

I'm tired of face makeup and a girl at Sephora hooked me up with a sample of this. I really liked it! I'm hoping after this pregnancy, my face will clear up a bit and I can solely wear this. *fingers crossed*

Ok so this is still for the house. But MY eyes would get to look at this everyday, so does it still count? 

Ghost Chair
I love these things! I would love to have one in my office at work, or for the home office. had some cheaper ones at one point, but I haven't looked in a while. 

Boot Socks
I'm always wearing boots and love the look of socks worn with boots. 

Gift Cards are always wanted and used. I love supporting our local Starbucks'. Mmm Mmm Good. 

Ok I am realizing this post could go on forever. I need to hang em up and call it a day!


  1. YAY for Birthdays!!! You are going to be an old fart like the rest of us now! :)
    That is exciting about a craft room! I can't wait to see it! Fingers crossed on the desk!

  2. Hey Now... I take comfort in knowing that you will ALWAYS be older than me. ;) lol