Monday, December 19, 2011

Nursery Update: Take 2

This week marks my Birthday/Christmas party, my office party AND Christmas! Phew, I need to take the week off to prepare! 

I told the hubster that we should use this time to kick our butts in to gear and get things done around the house - with a goal of having things DONE before the party (at our house) on Thursday. I suppose I should use the word "done" sparingly, but at least we could knock out the Nursery, right? 

Saturday a friend of ours came over to help hang the chandelier. HURRAY! This was something I was a bit worried about and was glad to have a handy man help my husband... I did not feel like raising this child alone. 

Let there be light! 

A crafty and creative girlfriend of mine came over last week to assess the Nursery and help me determine the best layout. We toyed around with a couple different layouts and she really liked moving the door behind the crib to hold his letters. When we moved it, I wasn't "feeling" it and thought it might be because of the ribbon color, so I ran to Michaels last night and bought some new ribbon and it helped convince me of the move. :) 

The handy-hubbie hung the peg board over the dresser/changing table and hung the family picture on the opposing wall, while I re-painted the metallic lamp...

The ladder is serving as our glider "stand-in." Isn't it lovely? 

And the (almost) finished product... 

I believe it is becoming more and more real lately, as I found myself crying my eyes out to Harry Potter last night...Harry Potter? I haven't really been emotional this whole ride and expect to begin freaking out very very soon. 


LOOK at what my "crafty" friend from above just brought me!! 

How cool is that?! I found some funny sayings a while back and she took one and turned it into this masterpiece. Stay tuned for her etsy link in the near future. 

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