Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Do you like to... "DO IT, Yourself?"

Unless you have lived under a rock, or have an actual life that doesn't involve sitting on a computer for 8+ hours a day, you know what Pinterest is. I am convinced that it is swiftly taking over the world... or at least my world.

In a recent PIN, I discovered a DIY project I wanted to tackle.

Seems simple enough, right? Well, I'm sure it is, but not for this Suzy Homemaker in training. Regardless of my mishaps, I'll explain what I did and hopefully you can do better.

I went to both Michaels and Hobby Lobby for fake pumpkins. I purchased 3 from both stores, and realized the Hobby Lobby purchase was much better. They even have pre-cut bottoms so they allow for easy stacking.

I purchased the "B" and first "O" from Michaels, and the last "O" from Hobby Lobby. I know what you're thinking, that's a lot of trips for wood letters and pumpkins. Let me clarify that I went to Michaels FIRST and purchased everything I could find. Hobby Lobby was my second trip, so if I found a "better" product, I purchased that instead. Moving on...

Michaels didn't have Krylon's Glitter Blast spray paint, but Hobby Lobby did. HURRAY! I purchased the Glitter Blast spray paint in Starry Night for the black pumpkin and planned to purchase Orange Burst for the Orange pumpkin. Obviously every other house wife in Alabama decided that Orange Burst was the color of the season, therefore, they were sold out. I tried to compensate by purchasing plain Orange and plain Glitter Spray. This resulted in a "glittery" traffic cone, which I later was able to tone down using the Glitter Copper Color (I can't remember the exact name).

I then took the wood letters and spray painted them the opposing colors for their respective pumpkin. Easy enough right?

It was now time to glue the letters on to their 'home.' I started with the "B" on the smallest pumpkin. I used super glue, because I had tossed my hot glue gun a long time ago for lack of being crafty. Dumb. Mistake. Super Glue is sneaky. It will get on your fingers in a flash, and you won't know what hit ya! Did you know that super glue burns like fire as well? Now you know...

After my over-dramatized third degree burn (and failure at getting the letter to actually "stick"), I threw my hands up and was done - insert cuss word. My sweet hubby came over and decided to step in. He finished the other 2 pumpkins, and even set it all up outside for me. Such a sweetie. :)

Here is our finished product via IPhone... and a night. Great quality. ;)

Who would know that there are shirts stuffed down in our flower pot to allow our display to sit up? He's so smart. He then took some grass from our flower bed and tucked it around the edges. Such a clever boy. My mind was telling me I need to go BACK to Hobby Lobby for moss. This is a much better (and cheaper) route.

Tonight we are going to Old Skool carve these pumpkins, which we got for $5 at Kroger. I'm talking, free hand with a steak knife. No etch-a-sketch here! I have a feeling I will be *inserting cuss words* again tonight and pray for 10 fingers when the sun comes up tomorrow. Wish us luck!

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  1. Great job!! I think they are super cute! What is your next project??