Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Domesticated Deviant

Let me start off this little ditty with a realization that the word "Deviant" sounds a little more mischievous than I had originally hoped for the title of this blog. But in order to achieve the Double D's I was so desperately searching for, I chose to do a little play on words. Let me explain...

In all my youth - late 20s is still "youth," right? - I liked to divert from the norm, if you will. On the first day of High School my Junior Year, I chose to wear a plain white t-shirt and jeans (and timberlands, I'm sure). I was boycotting the fact that every other person in high school was probably slipping on some brand new threads they bought for the special occasion known as "The First Day of School." Now, I'm not knockin' it. I'm sure of the fact that I fell into this category most of my adolescent life as well... but not that year.

I also recall having multiple burping contests with my male counterparts, and a select few lady friends *shout out to Lala* throughout my time at "Ridgemont High."

Deviant by definition means -
  • "Differing from a norm or from the accepted standards of a society." 
  • "One that differs from a norm, especially a person whose behavior and attitudes differ from accepted social standards"
My favorite is -
  • deviating, as from what is considered acceptable behaviour."
I believe this characteristic has carried over into my post-college years and I have constantly asked myself how old is "too" old to be going to Sammy T's - a local club that still hosts 'College Night' every Thursday. When do you retire your 4" stilettos for a muumuu? I'll tell ya when! When you get knocked up.

Another beautiful way to bring in the 'deviant' lifestyle... I've been married 2 years October 24th and my husband and I had reached a point where we didn't care if we were to get preggers. When asked "When are y'all going to have a baby?" We would always reply, "Whenever it happens." We had officially "pulled the goalie," but in no way were we actively "trying." I had never gone online and calculated the exact date I would be ovulating. I never stopped drinking or going out. We just "pulled the goalie," so to speak.

May 7th, 2011 my company took myself, my 6 coworkers and our spouses on a 7-day cruise. Lots of drinking and late nights... and yes, this resulted in the consummation of our sweet baby boy, due in Feb. There were no candles. There was no romancing. This was just good ole fashion, come home from the cruise bar/club and Get 'Er Done. Deviant behavior at it's best, and a story for the grandchildren, I assure you.

So here we are. 5 months pregnant. I just bought our first home that we plan to live in for many moons and raise a family. I'm beginning a craft project to consist of pumpkins and glitter and another project to include a moss wreath... what happened?!?! I became Domesticated....
  • to bring to the level of ordinary people
  • to accustom to household life or affairs
  • to tame
To tame?! Oh goodness.

Hopefully this clears up a bit of confusion that may come with your first impression of the word "Deviant." No, I am not a bank robber or the devil, nor do I sell drugs for money. All I want to portray in this Blog Title is that... I have come a long way. I look forward to documenting my trials and tribulations at balancing my efforts of being "Domesticated," all the while, remaining human. You may or may not agree with a 20-Something Mother NOT living her life as Martha Stewart but ... wait, didn't she go to jail? Nevermind. This ends my explanation. :)


  1. Love this Lindsey! Your choice of words.. and explanations have me smiling big :) You are going to be such a great mother.. and what can I say.. We had so many great "younger" days living it up, going out, late night munchies, and not caring about a thing. I am so excited to share this new and adventurous chapter of your life with you as Aunt BB to baby G. As our favorite movie would quote, "these are the days of our lives".

  2. Love the new blog! I think a fresh start is always a good idea! Now that I have figured out my "comment" issue I can't wait to write all over your blog with my 2 cents! :D