Friday, October 14, 2011

Mirrored Side Tables

I'm not entirely sure where or when my obsession began with NEEDING mirrored side tables for my bedroom, but it's bad. I've been drooling for many many moons over the Pottery Barn collection but obvi, I just can't justify dropping that kind of dough. I found a few other options for "less" but with no furniture in my nursery, and only 3 months to go, I figured I might need to invest my money in a crib... or do you think I could just pad the drawers and have him sleep there? Something to consider...

Pottery Barn - $399

Pier One - 229.95

Target - $89.99


  1. I love these tables! I almost bought these at target a few years ago but was too cheap to do it! Again love them!

  2. Me too! I don't mind the cost (in comparison to the others) but then what about all the REST of the furniture? Do you buy mirrored dressers to match? Or work in whites and browns to accompany all items? This has been my on-going dilemma. :)

  3. Ah that is a good question! I think you can mix and match though. I have a white side table, yellow/white chair, brown dresser and brown bed and I think it all flows!